How to Make an Apple Gift Card Holder

It is teacher time and this apple gift card holder is the perfect teacher appreciation gift. I saw this project on Sweet Red Poppy and other places and decided to recreate it for you. It is a beginner Cricut crafting project that anyone can make either by hand or with a cutting machine like Cricut. I really enjoyed creating this project even though it was not my original idea. So use the free SVG and make the terrific project. If you would like more paper crafting projects head over to my paper crafting page here.

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What you will Need: How to Make an Apple Gift Card Holder

Step 1: Download and Upload the SVG

If you are unaware of how to download and upload the SVG watch this video.

Step 2: Ungroup the Pieces

Highlight all of the pieces and click ungroup on the top left of the layers menu.

Step 3: Turn Cut Lines to Score

Go to the layers panel and highlight all of the single cut lines. Go to the operations menu at the top left of Design Space and choose score. Right click on the score lines and click bring to front. Click attach at the bottom of the layers panel.

Step 4: Make It

Click Make It in the top right of Design Space. Choose on Mat and pick medium weight cardstock. Then, follow the prompts in Design Space to cut out the pieces.

Step 6: Add the Green Leaves

Place the two red pieces so that the red piece with the round cut out at the top is on top of the other red piece. Using craft glue, place the green leaves on to of the top red piece so it matches the red piece underneath.

Step 7: Glue the Red Apple Pieces

Gee the two red pieces together just along the sides and the bottom and partially along the top. You want to make sure the brown piece slides in between the two pieces.

Step 8: Glue the Brown Stem Piece

Fold in the sides of the brown piece and fold up the bottom along the score lines. Glue the sides to the back to create a pocket for the gift card. Insert the gift card into the pocket and the brown piece int the slot you left in the apple. you have now finished your Apple Gift Card Holder.

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