How to Make Personalized Address Labels using Cricut

I know that not a lot of snail mail is going out anymore but I send out bills and cards and things so I decided to take my own personalized address labels suing my Cricut. This was such an easy project to do that I thought I would share it with you. You can use any image to add to your address labels but I chose my daisies for mine. I have included that image with the post so that you a use it too.

I used printable vinyl sticker paper for this project. This post contains ciliate links that I you click on them and Mae a purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What you will need: How to Make Personalized Address Labels using Cricut

Step 1: Download and Upload the Image

Download the image to your computer. Upload it to Design Space by clicking on the upload button on the left side menu bar. Click browse and find the image on your computer. Click open. Once you have uploaded the image choose the image type. For this choose complex. Then choose Print then Cut. Highlight the image and click add to canvas.

Step 2: Add the Label

Go to the left side end where it says shapes and choose rectangle. Resize the rectangle to measure 3″ x 1″. Change the color of the rectangle to white by highlighting it and choosing the white box in the color boxes in the top menu bar.

Step 3: Resize the Image

First, highlight the image and click the arrange button on the top menu bar and click bring to front. Resize the image and place it on the left side of the white label.

Step 4: Add your Address

Go to the left side menu and click text. Type your name and address. Resize the text so that it fits next to the image in the label box.

Step 5: Flatten

Highlight all of the elements of the label ad click flatten at the bottom of your ayers panel. Make sure your layer says print then cut.

Step 6: Duplicate

Duplicate the label as many times as you like. I made 16 labels to fit on the page.

Step 7: Make It

Click Make it in the top right corner. Once you get to the next screen click send to printer and choose the appropriate inkjet printer. Insert the vinyl sticker paper into your printer making sure that it is the correct side facing up for your printer. Toggle the Add Bleed button to green. Then click print.

Step 8: Cut out the Labels

Go back to design Space and choose browse materials. Choose “Premium Vinyl” and select “removable matte”. Click done. Place the labels onto the blue mat on the top left corner. Load the mat into your Cricut and click go. Your Cricut will kiss cut the labels so that you can peel them off. You have now finished your personalized address labels.

I hope you enjoyed this super simple label making project. If you would like more Cricut crafting projects subscribe to my newsletter.

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