How to Make a Heart Shaped Gift Box using Cricut

This heart shaped gift box is not just for Valentine’s Day but anytime you want to give a gift with love. This heat shaped gift box using Cricut is remarkably easy to make with basic Cricut Crafting skills. I have included a free SVG for the box and bow to make your box even easier to make. Just follow these step-by-step instructions to put this project together. If you would like more Cricut paper crafts check out these.

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What you will Need: How to Make a Heart Shaped Box using Cricut

Step 1: Download and Upload the SVG

You must first download the SVG to your computer and then upload it to Design Space. If you are unfamiliar with this process check out this video.

Step 2: Ungroup

Highlight everything and ungroup all of the pieces by going to the ungroup symbol at the top of the Layers panel. There may be several groupings so you may have to highlight segments of the project and ungroup.

Step 3: Change the Cut Lines to Score

Each of the side pieces have lines along the bottom and the tab sides. You may have to select them and move them into place. Highlight those lines on the left layers panel then go to the top operation menu and choose score. Highlight the lines and the sides and click attach at the bottom of the layers panel.

Step 4: Make It

You can change the colors if you like before cutting, it is up to you. Once you click Make in Design Space choose on mat and the nature of the cardstock you are using. For the box I chose a medium weight cardstock and for the bow I chose glitter cardstock. The settings are different so make sure you pay attention when you are asked to choose your material. Follow the instructions to cut it out.

Step 5: Create the Sides

To do this, take the two bottom side pieces and the top side pieces and fold them along the score lines. Glue the bottom side pieces and the top side pieces end to end to create one piece. Place the tab side on the straight edge and glue using craft glue.

Step 6: Attach the Sides to the Bottom and Top

Glue the pointy part of the side to the heart shape starting at the center. Fold the side pieces all the way around the heart gluing as you go. Fold at the seam when you get to the point on the bottom of the heart and continue around. Glue the tab to the side of the short edge when you reach the top. Repeat this for the top.

Step 7: Add the Insert

In order to cover the point parts that you glued to the heart shapes glue the insert pieces to the inside of the top and bottom for a clean look.

Step 8: Create the Bow

The bow comes in four pieces. Place the bottom piece on tour work station. Then, fold the middle piece in the center and glue it to the bottom piece. Fold the top of the bow in the center and glue it to the middle piece. Finally, Wrap the knot piece around the center and glue it the back of the bottom piece. Attach the bow to the box and fill it.

I hope you enjoyed this simple heart gift box project. If you would like more Cricut Crafting projects subscribe to my free newsletter.

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