How to Make Stickers using Cricut

There is nothing more fun than making stickers using your Cricut. You can make “Kiss Cut” stickers and “Die Cut” stickers using your Cricut and Cricut Design Space. The best part is that you can create stickers for scrapbooking, holiday packages and envelopes, address labels, and just about ay other use you can think of.

There is a specialty product that you need for this project and that is sticker paper. You will also need an inkjet printer to print your stickers and one of three Cricut cutting machines, Maker 3, Maker, or Explore. This post contains affiliate Lins that if you click on them and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What you will Need: How to Make Stickers using Cricut

Kiss Cut Stickers

A kiss cut sticker is a sticker that is cut around the shape of the image but not through the backing material. This leaves backing material around the image and you can peel off the image from the backing material. You can make kiss cut stickers either with or without the offset feature in Design Space.

Step 1: Kiss Cut Stickers

Upload the images that you would like to use as your stickers or use images from design Space. Because you are using JPG or PNG files you will need to upload the image then select the image type. For our purposes we will be selecting complex. Then choose the “print then cut” option. Once you have done that add the images to the canvas.

Step 2: Create Rectangle

The “print then cut feature in Design Space is limited to 6.75″ x 9.25” so we need to create a template to place our images on so that we do not exceed these dimensions. To do this go to the shapes icon on the left side menu bar and choose the square. Resize the square to be a rectangle of the appropriate dimensions and lock it using the lock on the top menu bar. Move the rectangle to the back suing the arrange function.

Step 3: Place the Stickers on the Template

Arrange all of your stickers so that they fit on the template rectangle you created. This will ensure that you have the appropriate dimensions. Delete the rectangle leaving just the stickers.

Step 4: Flatten

Select all of the stickers using the select all button on the top menu bar. Once all of the stickers are selected go to the bottom of the layers panel and click flatten.

Step 5: Make It

Click Make it in the upper right corner. Once you get to the next page click “send to printer” and choose the appropriate ink jet printer. You will see a toggle that says “add bleed” make sure that it is green. Also select “use system dialog.” Print the sheet of stickers on your inkjet printer. There will be a black rectangle around the stickers. This is correct. Your Cricut needs these marks to cut the stickers appropriately.

Step 6: Place the Stickers on the Mat

Using the blue mat place the stickers on the top left corner. Use a brayer to ensure that the paper is adequately adhered to the mat.

Step 7: Continue in Design Space

Go back to Design Space and browse al materials. Choose “sticky note”. Load the mat into your Cricut and push the load button. Then Press go.

Step 8: Unload the Mat

Turn the mat over and remove the sticker paper. Trim off the black lines and you have a page of stickers to use however you would like.

Step 9: Die Cut Stickers

In order to create die cut stickers you will follow the same steps as for kiss cut stickers but this time you will add an offset to the image. To do his, select the image and click the offset button in the top menu. Make the offset 0.125. When you flatten the image select both the offset and the image and click flatten. You can change the color of the offset by selecting it and clicking on the color of your choice. When it is time to cut your stickers make sure that you use extra pressure to get the die cut finish.

Step 10: Make them Waterproof

I you want to make them waterproof add a piece of laminate between the black lines before cutting. Make sure not to cover the black lines or your Cricut will not be able to read them. Cut out by creating your own material that requires 306 pressure and 2X cut.

That is all there is to making stickers with your Cricut. I hope you enjoyed this sticker making project. If you would like more Cricut Crafting projects subscribe to my newsletter.

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