How to Sublimate a Wind Spinner

I was looking for different sublimation blanks to create a fun new project and I came across these wind spinner sublimation blanks and thought that they were the perfect project to share with you. I created a couple of sublimation designs that are perfect for this project or you could create your own. Keep in mind you can use just about any image for sublimation so long as it is at least 300 DPI. You can even use a picture of your friends and family. Just make sure you have a sublimation printer. If you would like more sublimation projects check out these.

For this project you will need specialty items such as a sublimation printer and a sublimation wind spinner blank. This post contains affiliate links that I you click on them and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What you will Need: How to Sublimate a Wind Spinner

Step 1: Print out your Image

If you are using one of your own images simply print it out on your sublimation printer. If you are using one of mine you will need to download the image to your computer and then print it out on your printer. You can use infusible ink paper just by cutting it out.

Step 2: Remove the Protective Coating

The spinner has a protective coating. Make sure that you remove that before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Center the Image on the Blank

Place the blank on top of the image so that it is centered the way you want it. Using the heat resistant tape tape the blank to the image.

Step 4: Heat the Image

Turn the image over so that the paper is facing up. Place it onto the Cricut heat mat. Cover the image with a piece of butcher paper. Using your easy press heat the image at 385 degrees for 50 seconds. Repeat for the other side. You can spay it with UV coating to protect the colors from the sun.

Step 5: Shape the Spinner

Move the rings so that they are spaced evenly apart and create a circle. Hang it either on a hook to let the wind blow it around or use a display motor to do it for you.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Wind Spinner sublimation project. if you would like more Cricut and sublimation projects subscribe to our newsletter.

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