How to Layer Vinyl on a T-Shirt using Cricut

As many of you know I am a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. I came across this fun SVG over at Creative Fabrica representing my favorite team but it required layers of vinyl to compete the look. You may not know that you can layer vinyl but you can. Not only that but it isn’t the hard to do. In this tutorial I will show you just how to layer vinyl on a t-shirt using HTV. If you would like other vinyl projects check out these. If you would like thousands of SVGs head over to Creative Fabrica for vinyl, paper, and sublimation projects.

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What you will Need: How to Layer Vinyl on a T-Shirt using Cricut

Step 1: Choose the Correct Vinyl

For this project we are using Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV. There are a number of types of HTV to choose from. There is standard HTV, and specialty vinyls like glitter, holographic, flocked, and foil. Remember this important point: if you are using a specialty vinyl make sure it is your last layer as nothing else can be placed on top. For my project today I am using standard HTV.

Step 2: Download your SVG

Choose an SVG from my free SVG Library, use one of your own, or head to Creative Fabrica and get one there. Upload it to your computer.

Step 3: Upload your SVG

Upload your SVG to Design Space using the load button on the left menu bar ad following the instructions in Design Space. Once you have uploaded it to Design Space play it one the Canvas.

Step 4: Resize the SVG

You can resize the SVG in two ways. You can measure your t-shirt and use those dimensions or you can use one of the templates. I used a template and chose the correct shirt type, size and color in the upper menu. Once I chose the correct shirt I placed my design and sized it to fit. Keep in mind that the templates only work on desktop and laptop and not on phone or iPad.

Step 5: Change the Colors

I am not changing the colors in my design but if you want to just highlight the layer in the layers panel go up to the color square in the top menu bar and choose another color.

Step 6: Make It

Click make it. Choose ON MAT if you are not using smart materials. If you are using a mat, use the green standard grip mat for this project. Next, make sure that you toggle the mirror button as HTV needs to be mirrored or any text will come out backward. Then click continue. Choose the type of vinyl you are using in the list of materials. I chose everyday vinyl for mine. Then select more pressure for the best cut.

Step 7: Load your Mat

Place your HTV shiny side down onto your green mat. Follow the colors in Design Space to load your mats into the machine. Use the fine point blade and click GO. There are three colors in my design so I cut three times.

Step 8: Weed your Design

You will want to cut down the design first. Then, you will want to remove the excess vinyl from the cut vinyl. This should be a fairly simple process. Use your Cricut weeding tool and lift up one edge and pull off the excess vinyl. Do this for each color of vinyl.

Step 9: Preheat your Easy Press

For the layering process you will want to preheat your easy press to 300 degrees.

Step 10: Place your First Layer

Find the vertical center of your shirt and the horizontal axis you wish to be the center of your design and make a crease either by hand or with your easy press. Next, find the center of your first layer and align it with the center you made on your shirt. Place the shirt on a press mat and roll it with a lint roller to remove any dust or excess threads. Place the first layer in the shirt. My first layer is the black layer. I did not put anything between my easy press and the design and I left the easy press on for only 3 seconds!!!!. If the seconds is’t enough do more a little at a time. We don’t want to overcook the design as we have other layers to put on. Remove the backing.

Step 11: Place your Second Layer

My second layer is the white layer. I laced the white layer in lie with the black layer. This time I put a piece of butcher paper between my design and my easy press. You do not want your easy press to touch your first layer of vinyl. Again, just heat for 3 seconds or incrementally if you need more. Remove the backing sheet.

Step 12: Place your Third Layer

This time I placed the red layer. It was my final layer. I wanted to make sure that I covered the entire design with butcher paper before heating. I increased my temperature to 315 and pressed for 20 seconds ass this was my final layer. If you have more layers make sure that you increase you temperature and time on the last layer. Remove the backing and enjoy. Go Cards!!!!

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